Siller Glass Stair Project

Monumental Staircase

Project Size: NA
Year Built: 2020
Cost: $500k

Specialized Expertise:

  • Multiple Rigging & Material Handling Specialties
  • Receive and contract installation of Italian manufactured glass stair system
  • Provide crane and rigging service to hoist material from flat bed directly into the 9th floor penthouse through curtain wall
  • Overview

    John Martin Companies worked with a private client on this project in the winter of 2020. The newly constructed condo and stair system included a concrete pedestal base, glass stair, glass railing system and polished metal trim. The project took approximately 3 weeks to complete and included a 25 ton crane, 3 ton gantry crane and material telehandler in order to pick up and rotate the large glass stringers and railing pieces. Additional attention to safety an adjacent material protection was paramount as the wall this stair was built up against was a back-lit, fiber optics, concrete panel that was prone to be easily damaged.