Green Street

Reroof & Façade Reconstruction

Project Size: 24,000 SF
Year Built: 2020
Cost: $1.1M

Specialized Expertise:

  • Design-Build Contract
  • New 24,000 SF TPO Roof
  • Disconnect, relocate and reconnect roof mounted HVAC & Electrical Systems
  • Demo & rebuild 5th floor corner masonry structural façade
  • Maintain operations and living spaces in occupied residential building
  • Overview

    John Martin Corp worked with the Green Street Condo Association on this project in the fall of 2020. This building is a 100+ year old masonry and timber structure that was repurposed in the 90’s for new residential loft condos. The project had two separate scopes that involved first, a new TPO roofing system to be installed over the existing asphalt roof. And second, the demolition and reconstruction of the 5th floor load bearing masonry façade. Challenges of the roofing portion included removing the electrical and HVAC systems located on the roof that provide heating and cooling for residential units. The systems had to be quickly disconnected and relocated while the roof system was replaced. These HVAC units were then reinstalled with new pedestal mounting hardware to reduce noise and improve the functionality/efficiency of each unit. Due to extensive deterioration of the masonry façade at the Southwest corner of the building, the 5th floor masonry façade construction presented many challenges the JMC team had to overcome.

    Shoring up the roof system throughout an entire unit condo unit roofing system with a detailed engineering support system, so as to remove the load bearing exterior masonry wall and associated windows presented many obstacles. Mainly, the condo was also the home of a $15M+ art collection that could not be relocated! The art installations were carefully protected and maintained through the project by a professional handling team, and the façade was rebuilt to match the original 1800’s construction aesthetics and new windows were installed. As you can imagine, remove the exterior wall of a home presents the opportunity for intrusion of rain, wind and snow elements that required careful attention to detail in maintaining a controlled environment for this client. JMC was happy to deliver this project on time and on budget while protecting all of the condo’s inhabitants, as well as their valuable art installations!

    Green Street - Interior